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Childpeace Montessori School was founded in 1976 to provide children and families a community of learning and preparation for life. We have campuses in Northwest and Southeast Portland. 

Our students, toddlers through adolescents, enjoy complete Montessori educational environments and access to an abundance of learning opportunities in our neighborhood and surrounding communities.


  • Responsibility
  • Educational Excellence
  • Love of Learning
  • Sustainability
  • Equity


To guide the development of the whole child, socially and academically, through the principles of AMI Montessori education in an urban setting.


Childpeace provides a Montessori-based education for toddlers through adolescence.


Childpeace shapes the future of our world through the cultivation of inquisitive minds and socially responsible young citizens.

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About Maria Montessori

The Montessori Method of education was established decades before early childhood education was a course of study in our universities. Dr. Maria Montessori was an early 20th- century educator and physician from Italy.

Her first Casa de Bambini, (Children's House), was established in Rome where her revolutionary discoveries about the young child's interests and abilities elicited response from educators around the world

Her observation that "meaningful work" was essential to a child's development was the cornerstone of her work.

The first program in the United States was established in Washington, D.C., in collaboration with Mabel Gardiner Hubbard Bell (wife of Alexander Graham Bell), in 1916. Montessori’s curriculum of material covers children's development from birth through adolescence.

During the 1940s, Maria Montessori's son, Mario, helped create the elementary-level materials and guidelines for instruction. Programs that serve ages birth to age three years and programs for adolescence have been established following the pedagogical principles originally created by Maria Montessori. The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) was established by Dr. Montessori in 1929 and is the continuous governing organization for Montessori education throughout the world.