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2024-25 Tuition & Schedule

"Montessori made me want to learn and want to be at school to learn and not just for the social aspect."Ella, Alum

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Family Individualized Tuition (FIT)

In support of our mission, Childpeace Montessori School strives to keep our education affordable and accessible. The school is committed to inclusion and diversity. We know that affording an independent school education is a financial commitment for each family.


Childpeace is affordable for many families through our Family Individualized Tuition program (FIT). We aim to partner with parents/guardians to determine a tuition amount that is a match for their economic circumstances.


Once your family is invited to apply, families interested in participating in the FIT program submit an online application including tax documents. Families that participate in the FIT program may also have adjustments to other school fees. The FIT program is available each school year to new and re-enrolling families based on individual financial circumstances. Each FIT decision is made by the school’s FIT Committee.

Individualized tuition levels are based primarily upon ability to pay as determined by our online processing program, FACTS Grant & Aid. FACTS processes all FIT applications through a computer analysis that makes recommendations. The school's FIT Committee reviews the recommendations and makes the final decisions.



The FIT Committee makes its decisions through the application of guidelines in order to ensure a fair and consistent process. Priority will be given to applications that are complete by the application deadline and to repeat applicants, re-enrolling students, and students who are finishing the final year of their program cycle.

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