The Toddler Community Program

The Montessori Environment: Toddlers 14 to 36 months


Toddler Community Student in the Classroom


The Toddler Community at Childpeace is a nurturing Montessori environment where children learn to do it for themselves, through important individual and cooperative work allowing them to gain physical independence, coordination and a sense of community.


Childpeace has two Toddler Community classes (a group of 8 and a group of 12). Children enter when they are between 14 and 18 months, joining a mixed age group of children up to 36 months.

This critical time of development is when children move toward physical independence with activities that revolve around self care (such as dressing, eating and toileting), reality-based activities (such as food preparation, household chores and using art media) and language acquisition (through conversation and hands-on curriculum activities).


Purposeful activities that mirror adult work (such as setting the table, preparing snack and washing dishes) give toddlers in our program a sense of competence and belonging to a community.

The child this age is characterized as unconsciously absorbing the physical and emotional aesthetic of the environment. Therefore, the adults who guide them are respectful and loving, consistent and positive and the rooms are beautifully appointed and well-organized.

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