Board of Trustees and Advisors

The Board of Trustees and Advisors at Childpeace Montessori School offer a comprehensive breadth of expertise and are committed to the preservation and implementation of the school's mission.

The Childpeace Board of Trustees and Advisors serves as the strategic planning body of the school, as well as a vital link to the larger Portland community. The Board is recruited from the parent body and the community at large. A group of advisory board members are invited to join the board as their interest and skills dictate. Our current strategic plan guides the work of the Childpeace Board. A system of committees forms the framework for completion of board work. All parent board members are recruited from and voted upon for a two-year term by the parent body. The Head of School (HoS)/Executive Director is a non-voting board member. The HoS makes all the decisions regarding program curriculum, philosophy and implementation, and operations. The HoS is solely responsible for the hiring and management of all faculty. Childpeace is committed to its AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) recognition, and has an outside AMI consultant visit the school every three years for program oversight.

The volunteer members share a belief in Montessori education and a passion for the school and they ensure the smooth operation of the school as an independent Montessori school and tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

If you are interested in board membership, please click here to submit an application.


Chair Mary Marsh

Mary Marsh

Mary joined the board in 2016 after watching her three children thrive, since 2012, in the Childpeace Montessori environment. A former product director for Nike, and current business owner of Gold+Arrow Salon in downtown Portland, Mary is passionate and committed to Montessori education. She has served as the Development Committee Board chair and assisted in the various stages of the school’s strategic planning process. What inspires her most about Montessori and Childpeace is watching children grow and succeed, at their own pace, within a caring and kind community.


Vice Chair T.J. McHugh

T.J. McHugh
Vice Chair

T.J. has spent his career in the corporate world building strategies, managing teams, and delivering top-line growth for brands across the globe. He returned to Portland after his work abroad with a renewed passion for Portland and investing in the youth of our city. He is a business consultant, runs campaign communications, and is actively involved in the community through neighborhood associations and volunteering for homelessness resources. He is committed to building a better Portland for its youth and is excited to be working with Childpeace. T.J. currently serves on the board of Sail2Change and is a committee member for Susan G. Komen of Oregon and SW Washington.


Treasurer Ethan Samson

Ethan Samson





Secretary Courtney Dausz

Courtney Dausz

Courtney joined the Board in 2016. She and her husband Kris, are supporters of Montessori education and are delighted to be part of the Childpeace community; they have two daughters who attend Childpeace. Courtney is an attorney with the law firm Mersereau Shannon LLP and advises municipal and nonprofit clients regarding financing matters. Courtney first became an enthusiast of Childpeace in 2007 while serving as counsel to Childpeace for the financing of the main building.


Trustee Kristen Seidman

Kristen Seidman

Kristen joined the Childpeace board in 2018 and has been part of the community since 2012. She's been an avid volunteer, including several years as an auction committee co-chair, beautification chair for a year, and this year's classroom rep for the Maple Room. She has a son in Larch and a daughter in Maple. Kristen is in the process of exiting a successful dog care business she founded fifteen years ago, works as a freelance copy editor, and is the Managing Editor for Artslandia. 


Trustee Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter

As both the founder of East Ed and a member of the Black Panther Party, Randolph has devoted his career to promoting equity and diversity in education and communities. He was a Fellow in the Harvard University School Leadership Program in the Graduate School of Education, where he received a master’s degree in education with a school leadership qualification. He is currently a doctoral student in the School of Education Leadership and Change at Fielding University. He was a middle school reading specialist, a school administrator, and while at the National Association of Independent Schools, he directed their equity programming and founded two of their signature projects: People of Color Conference and Student Diversity Leadership Conference. Randolph has also served on numerous school boards, including Fielding Graduate University and the Institute for Community Enrichment. He is a member of the Education Committee of the New Press. His publications include peer-reviewed articles and book reviews published in national journals.

Trustee Janel Warmington

Janel Warmington

Janel joined the Childpeace community in 2017 when her son James started in the Toddler Community. Janel and her husband Sheldon became interested in Montessori education while living abroad in Norway. Since joining Childpeace, her family’s love for Montessori education has continued to grow as she has seen her son and his peers flourish. Janel joined the DEI Committee at Childpeace in 2019 and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion scholastically, personally, and professionally. Janel has an MBA from Washburn University and works in finance. She’s spent the last 10 years in commercial banking at US Bank where she works with a broad, cross-section of small business and real estate proprietors, ensuring their borrowing needs are met now and into the future.


Advisor Ewan Rose

Ewan Rose

Ewan, through his company Metolius River Capital, LLC, provides distressed situation consulting services including serving as receiver, chief restructuring officer or financial advisor to parties in Chapter 11. He is also an active investor in operating businesses (including most recently the Closet Factory and Wall Beds of Oregon) and all manner of real estate assets. He is a member of the Finance Committee. He has three children at Childpeace.





Advisor Elisa Wickstrom

Elisa Wickstrom

Elisa Wickstrom joined the Childpeace Community in 2013 when her daughter Minna started in the Spruce Room. She jumped in with both feet, joining the Facilities Committee, the Parent Involvement Committee and Co-Chairing the Auction. She and her husband Scott are committed to community service and believe that every hour dedicated to Childpeace is an hour well spent. Their son Oliver joined the Willow room in Fall 2014. Elisa has a background in physical and digital design and has worked for a variety of agencies and consulting firms including IBM, Mainspring and Schematic (now Possible Worldwide). While earning her Master of Architecture degree at the University of Virginia, Elisa worked for the University Architect and developed a passion for navigating the complex web of relationships between the board of trustees, the students, the staff and the state. Elisa also served on the School of Architecture Admissions Committee as well as the Curriculum Committee. Elisa currently serves on the Board of the Artist Repertory Theater.


Advisor Angela Dean

Angela Dean

Angela Joined the board in 2018, after her daughter Kaya-Rae started in the Willow room in Childrens House. Angela works in the area of Ethical Trade and Responsible Business Practice and is currently a Director at Arche Advisors, developing social and ethical business strategy for fortune 500 companies. Angela also has a background in international development, working with NGO’s and UN agencies across the developing world. She has experience of running two non-profit organizations out of New York, directly reporting to a board of directors. She has also sat on a number of non profit boards and committees. Angela was born in England, but has lived and worked in various countries across Africa, as well in India, Italy, Haiti, Honduras and now the USA. She has a Degree in Sociology and a Masters in International Development with Economics.