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As Childpeace looks forward, we hope to connect with the many families and students who've been part of our community. If you are an alum or the parent of an alum, we would love to hear from you. Consider joining our school network on Facebook. We look forward to reconnecting with you and your family.


Attributes of a Montessori Graduate

Montessori graduates are prepared to function productively on all levels: intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. A person ready to participate fully in the world; a willing and able contributor; a self-motivated lifelong learner.

They are comfortable in their own skin
Montessori graduates have grown up in a nurturing environment that encourages self-motivation, independent thinking, and perseverance.

They are lifelong explorers
Taught how to learn and how to love learning, the result is they carry their natural childlike curiosity in their future academic experiences and into adulthood.

They are fun to be around
Their enthusiasm, civility, and respect for others are contagious. Much of their education has been built on social skills like getting along with and learning from all kinds of people; collaborating to resolve conflicts; and approaching life with open minds and open hearts.

They have good character
Responsibility, cooperation, compassion, ethical behavior and stewardship of their community, the environment, and the world.

They are Montessorians for life
They understand, and are happy to talk about, the gifts their education has given them. Self-confidence, resourcefulness, enduring relationships, constructive work habits—lessons that never stop shaping who they are and who they hope to be.

Reflections from Graduates

"I feel that the time management skills that Montessori instilled have had the most significant impact on my life. I have found that my ability to carefully plan out the work I need to do enables me to complete my work efficiently and at a high level. This has been hugely beneficial to me not only in terms of success in school but also my own personal happiness as this efficiency translates into more time to get involved in sports, clubs, work outside of school and other hobbies."

-Evan Gannicott

"The thing I got from Montessori that has helped me the most, and really just enriched my life in every way, is how we were encouraged to follow up on our curiosities and learn about anything and everything."

-Andrew Peterson

"I think one of the main things that Montessori has taught me that carried over to high school is being an independent, self motivated learner. I have no problem researching something for school that I didn't understand in class. Along those same lines, Montessori has taught me not to be afraid or intimidated by teachers. If I still don't understand something after researching it I have no problem talking to a teacher about it. I think Montessori shows kids that teachers aren't going to bite, they are ultimately there because they care about your education."

-Elle Palmer

Group of Alumni

Quotes from Graduates

"The Montessori program is an individualized style of learning that not only grows someone academically and intellectually, but also grows their personality."

-Adie Fecker

"Montessori made me want to learn and want to be at school to learn and not just for the social aspect."

-Ella Beaver

"Montessori builds character and it helps people find out who they are. It is also an accepting community where people can learn at their own pace."

-Manamaya Peterson

"Montessori is a very unique way of learning; you learn a lot about yourself. It helped me make decisions on my own because you have a lot of freedom, which really helps in later life."

-Charlie Arnell

Group of Alumni