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I’ve Started my Service Project and it Feels Great!

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I’ve Started my Service Project and it Feels Great!

At Childpeace, service projects are a longstanding tradition for Upper Elementary students. These year-long Capstone projects are planned, presented, and executed by each 6th year student. They are vital to learning leadership skills and provide stewardship to our community! Check out the start of the very first project and see what Elementary student Benji has accomplished so far!

By Benji, Larch student

The No Ivy League is an organization that helps pull ivy. I chose the No Ivy League because English ivy is a big problem in our Northwest forests and parks, along with lots of other invasive species. English ivy kills trees and lots of other native plants. We can’t let this happen. I won’t let it happen!

On November 9th, I went on a going-out to pull ivy at a place called Woodlawn Park. I took Theo, Tabor, and Bixie to come help me pull ivy.

Once we had gotten there, there were two people already there, pulling ivy. Their names were Eric and Jimmy. They showed us how to pull ivy, and they supplied us with clippers, gloves, and shovels. 

We made a gigantic pile of ripped-up invasive ivy, and cleared many square feet. I also learned that Theo liked pulling ivy, almost as much as me. Here’s what he had to say: “I thought pulling ivy was really fun, and I felt like it was an experience that everyone should get to feel. I would definitely pull ivy again. Pulling out its roots was really satisfying, and I felt like I was helping out my community.”

From this experience, I learned that helping the environment is not always a chore. It can be fun, too. I encourage all of you to get out there, and support the No Ivy League. Help our environment!

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