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Childpeace Land Acknowledgement

Inside the Hive

Childpeace Land Acknowledgement

A territorial or land acknowledgment is an act of reconciliation that involves making a statement recognizing the traditional territory of the Indigenous Nations who called the land home before the arrival of settlers. In many cases, Indigenous people still do call it home.

What is Your Relationship to Land?

Every community owes its existence and vitality to generations from around the world who contributed their hopes, dreams, and energy to making the history that led to this moment. Some were brought here against their will, some were drawn to leave their distant homes in hopes of a better life, and some have lived on this land for many generations. Truth and acknowledgment are critical to reconciliation, and to building mutual respect and connection across all barriers of heritage and difference. 

We begin this effort to acknowledge what has been buried by honoring the truth. The Native communities in/around Portland number over 70,000 strong and are descended from over 380 tribes.

Today, here at Childpeace/Metro in Portland, Oregon, we are gathered on the ancestral and occupied lands of the Chinook, Cowlitz, Clackamas, and many other Indigenous Nations of the Columbia River who have called the very earth beneath us home. It is important to acknowledge the ancestors of this place and to recognize that we are here because of the sacrifices forced upon them. In remembering these communities, we honor their legacy, their lives, and their descendants. Please take a moment to consider the many legacies of violence, displacement, migration, and colonization that bring us together on this land today.

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